Feabie Review: BHM and BBM dating

Feabie is a platform designed for people who have similar ideas about different topics. The website was initially designed for the heterosexual community for dating. Yet, the platform is currently open to all people of all orientations. The pronunciation of the name of Feabie is like the woman’s name “Phoebe.” Feabie is not a person, but an idea. The name itself consists of these parts; the “fee” sound from “feeder” and the “bee” sound from “BBW/BHM.” The site is suitable for everyone, no matter the status and profession. This is the site for men and women of any size – from thin to massively huge. The founders of Feabie were once running a gay men website called “Groverr.” Later, they decided to open up the site and created Feabie, a platform open for everyone without any limitations.

The main facts

Feabie is a new dating platform for BHMs, BBMs, fat admirers, feedees, feeders, and generally for everyone. The website belongs to the owners who were once running a platform for unusual sexual orientation. Then, they decided to create a new platform, which could be useful and enjoyable for everyone without any restrictions. Feabie, unlike other dating platforms, does not encourage perfectness. Its goal is to join people who look for an interesting and entertaining relationship.

The popularity of Feabie is growing very fast. Every day more and more members join the site. Currently, it has over 114666 users, and this number is increasing continuously.

Where and how to use Feabie

Feabie’s both the desktop and mobile versions are user-friendly and easy to use. The website is designed in a way that everyone of any age range can use it. Full-featured web design is typical to Feabie. Users can use the service on their computers, laptops, or smartphones. When you open the website, the news feed appears at first. You can see the other users’ posts and the remarks they make.

The mobile version of Feabie is free for everyone and available for Android and iOS devices. If you want to keep in touch with your online mates, the application is the most suitable choice for you. You can use it on the go, in a queue and anywhere you want. The registration is not so complicated, but if you want to find the most perfect match for you, you need to answer some personal questions. The system will analyze your answers and, based on that, Feabie will suggest matches exactly for you.

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