Praying for your Sins via Video Chats. Is It Real?

Can you believe that nowadays, it is possible to pray for one’s sins on the Web? Are you laughing? But it is quite all right today! Everything develops in our world. And the church also should keep up with modern society. Thus, quite often, it is possible to find accounts of priests on Instagram. If you have told something like that some decades ago, people would laugh. Although it sounds ridiculous, nowadays it is our reality.

Thus, you can even not to go to church today. All you need is a web camera and a priest. A cam chat will help you communicate with a priest online. That’s right! You can find a priest and have a wide range of services without going to church. Priests offer the following services:

  • Pray for your sins;
  • Listen to your confession and shrive;
  • Take notes for health and peace;
  • Provide consultations;
  • Explain the principles of fasts;
  • Teach young followers.

Many priests have accounts on social networks. They provide some of the above-mention or all services via cam chats. Thus, if you have any questions or problems, you can always turn to an online priest and confess.

Some churches create websites. Thus, when you visit their websites, you can find a 3D projection of the church and even scroll through its hall.

Who uses such services?

  • Some people are afraid of visiting churches for different reasons. For example, they faced misunderstood, or someone laughed at him/her while he/she was at church.
  • Some people what to find out how to behave in church and what to do in what sequence.
  • Some people are disabled and can’t visit churches for some physical disorders.
  • Some people are too old and can’t get to a church. Elderly people are usually too religious. But it is difficult for them to move a lot. Online churches can become an excellent option for them.
  • Some people are at hospitals. They are sick and lose hope; they can’t visit a church. But an online priest will help in this case. He will support and provide necessary assistance, pray for a weak person.
  • Some people want to have a private conversation with a priest.

Even if you’re still shocked, it’s time to accept this point and realize that the 21st century is now. Thus, there is nothing impossible. Everyone tries to accustom to modern life. Several decades ago, no one could imagine that online shops would be real. But nowadays, no one is surprised by such kind of making purchases. Some decades will pass, and online churches will also become a standard service.

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