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Tips to break the ice between your interlocutor and you

The internet has taken over people’s lives. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to imagine how human beings would exist without modern technologies. Devices which have been developed recently help us deal with the most essential aspects of our routine. They are useful when we need to look for some significant information for our work or study or when we need to rest after a hard day at work. Furthermore, using the internet everyone can order clothes or food for the price which is much lower than in offline shops. It’s even possible to get to the particular place with an online map on our smart phones. Now we have no doubt that asking strangers on the streets to find where we are is the worst thing we can do.

The availability of the internet has made people much more withdrawn than they used to be several years ago. A lot of scientists believe that this is a problem which will destroy the society. To solve this issue the programmers have developed special services known as video chats. These websites are used for communication with strangers. If one wants to begin talking to people living in different parts of the world, he should have only a web camera. However, not every user of such a platform is eager to talk with others. If you want to break ice between him and you, read the article.

Make compliments

If you feel that the person you are talking to on the chat is shy, you should make him a compliment. Look at your interlocutor and find out what you truly appreciate in his personality or appearance and tell him that you appreciate this feature. It’s essential to mention that not only females love when someone tells them something respectful. Men also adore when they are said some compliments about their personality.

Try to be silly

Such an advice may sound a little bit strange. However, it’s proven that if you show that you aren’t perfect, your interlocutor will understand that you don’t want to harm him. Moreover, if you use this tip, you will demonstrate yourself as an easy-going person. For this purpose you can say something in a funny voice.

Pretend that you are new

If you have noticed that your partner isn’t eager to start a conversation with you, you can say that you’ve never used this service before and want him to explain how everything works here. If your interlocutor knows much about the video chat, he will be glad to help you and will become more talkative.

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