Zoom is your best Friend for Quarantine Weekdays

Those days when people should overcome distance and time to meet each other are long gone. Nowadays, it is enough to click a few buttons on your screen and connect to a video chat to gather all your friends or relatives in one video chat room.

There are many applications designed for online dating and communication. Zoom is one of the most popular and famous ones. Let’s see why.

  1. Zoom is a modern online platform for arranging conferences or webinars. It is mostly used for work purposes. However, more and more users choose it as a convenient tool for staying in touch with distant relatives or bosom friends.
  2. It is possible to use different devices. You can install the cam chat on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  3. There are special applications for Android and iOS, as well as browser extensions for Firefox and Google.
  4. One video chat room can hold up to 100 users per time. This is a free option. If you need more viewers, you can buy a subscription and add more participants to your conferences.
  5. The maximum time of one group session is 40 minutes. A paid subscription also exceeds this parameter.
  6. The video chat has a wide range of functions; it allows turning off different screen modes; using an interactive whiteboard, exchanging files, and screenshots.
  7. If you want to hide the background of your place, use the function of a blurred background, or choose a pretty color theme.

For what purposes is the cam chat used?

  • Mainly, it is designed for business and work. Zoom is frequently chosen by businessmen who are separated by thousands of kilometers. Such online applications allow saving time and arranging conferences and meetings without leaving your own office.
  • Webinars are another popular way. One person connects dozens of participants and explains some ideas to them. Webinars are frequently held nowadays. And the online chat is the perfect tool for their organization.
  • Tutoring. Online lessons are not a rare case today. Moreover, when the epidemic has covered the world. Thus, many teachers use the video chat to gather their students there and continue tutoring. The resource has all the necessary tools for the organization of this process. For example, screen demonstration, an interactive whiteboard, etc.
  • Communication. Although it is not the main direction for the application, still, many users prefer using Zoom for chatting and calling their relatives and friends. This point is especially relevant during quarantine.

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