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Nowadays, human beings cannot even imagine that someone will ask them to get rid of their portable devices even for a couple of days.

Furthermore, innovative devices are also useful if you are eager to meet someone for dating. Even several dozens of years ago we couldn’t even imagine that it would be possible to find our perfect match via the Internet. However, recently developers have created lots of services specifically for such purposes. Although these online platforms are quite useful and attract more and more people daily, some users are afraid to join these communities because they don’t want to provide ther personal information to such services. However, the most well-known platforms require to use only some general data to become their members. Here are some websites where you don’t have to share your credit card data to search for your potential partners.


This website is quite popular among singles looking for their lovers, and this fact can be proven if we look at how many users have joined this international community. According to the statistics, more than 4 million members are using this site. What’s more, newcomers arrive at eHarmony each day. It means that you will meet here someone who is ready to start a pleasant conversation with you regardless of your location, gender or other characteristics which can be quite essential for other online platforms in this niche.


This online platform is even more well-known that the previous website. As the owners of BeNaughty mention, this sire has already United more than 13 million people from all parts of the globe. The main goal of these users is to find one-night stands. That’s why this platform isn’t the most suitable option for you if you are looking for more long-term relationship or even want to marry your online partner.


Don’t get confused with the name of this dating website. This online platform is not developed for people who are looking for just friends. This site is mostly for those who are in search of their hookups. Since AdultFriendFinder has such a straightforward goal, it’s already attracted more than 25 million people. One more reason why users select this option instead of others is the presence of much explicit content, including some intimate images, which can be available without purchasing a premium membership.

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