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Why are we leaving our loved ones?

Often we love our partner very much, but we still lead our relationship to a breakup. How and why does it happen?

We often hear and read in a variety of magazines, how to first attract a man, and then to keep, we know all about how to live with him, what to cook him for dinner and what conversations to entertain. But one day it all ends and you pack your suitcase and go in search of a new life. It’s lucky if you don’t feel anything else, that is nothing at all. But often we have a vague, unexplained longing inside us. So why are we leaving after all?

Take out the garbage!

The simplest and most understandable reason is that we can’t exist together. Quite a common case, when a lot of love is eaten by life: mountains of unwashed dishes, arguments about whose turn it is today to take out the cat’s litter box and so on and so forth, many examples, and the result is one and not fun at all. In fact, many women do not realize the catastrophic mismatch of views on the cleaning of the apartment, because, as you know, a small quarrel always threatens to result in a big one.

He doesn’t care

When we’re taken for granted, we leave. And although the woman is by nature extremely patient, but also emotional, we need a constant exchange of energy. As absurd as it sounds, without a certain amount of emotion in a relationship, you can feel bad, or even get sick. There is a very small percentage of women who are willing to live next to a man.


Jealousy is different to bring a woman to a nervous breakdown, and then the flight does not need to make great efforts and, say, prohibit us from communicating with friends. Most of us leave much earlier.  Since childhood we were taught not to read other people’s letters, so what is the difference between someone else’s phone, someone else’s computer, someone else’s personal diary? We leave the jealous not because we have fallen in love, but because for many of us the violation of the boundaries of intimate space compared to betrayal, even if there is nothing to complain about.

Stingy pays twice

With the exception of individual women of the fair sex, basically we do not want to scatter money to the right and left: to become the owner of a collection of diamond necklaces, but it is unlikely that a woman will tolerate for a long time strictly given her money to pay. After all, we do not know how to do without new dresses, shoes, handbags, not to mention other, more pressing things.

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