Helpful tips for those who want to start a conversation with a stranger

As thousands of professional psychologists believe, these days people are getting more and more antisocial. In their point of view, one of the most significant reasons for this is the development of the internet. Nowadays, human beings prefer spending time on the social media platforms rather than talking with other people in real live. That’s why most of us consider it weird when a stranger decides to start a conversation with us while we are walking around the streets. However, sometimes it can be the only solution. This article will help you understand how to start a conversation with a stranger and not to scare other people.

Eye contact is essential

The first thing which is significant for those people who are in need of having a conversation with a stranger is to look at his eyes before starting to talk. Eye contact will demonstrate your interlocutor that you believe him, and you are interested in him as a person. Furthermore, it’s essential to smile while looking at the stranger. Otherwise, he may begin to think that you are going to harm himself.

Your interlocutor posture

If you want to avoid any problems while having a conversation with a stranger, you should look at that person’s body language. The most significant signs of distinction or insecurity are legs and arms. If they are crossed, it means that this individual doesn’t feel comfortable while talking to you.

However, it’s also significant to demonstrate a right body language to a stranger. If you show your interlocutor an open posture, he will understand that you aren’t going to bring any danger to him.


If you are simply going to talk to a stranger without any purpose, you should answer him only open-ended questions. They will help you find out a lot about your interlocutor. However, you should never ask a stranger any person questions. This is not only about some intimate topics but also about the place where your interlocutor lives and work. Otherwise, that person will start thinking that you are a scammer or even a thief. If you want to avoid such a problem, you need to choose more general questions.

Give compliments

A phrase of adoration is a great way to start a conversation with a stranger. Give your interlocutor a compliment about the way he looks, and he will be grateful to continue your communication because he will trust you.

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