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Tinder Review: Understand if it is worth your attention

Tinder is a great way to spend a lot of time flipping through people’s photos, but is it useful or is it just talk? It depends primarily on your gender and the quality of the photos you upload and your looks, but also on your goals. To understand if this application is a better choice for a single person, keep reading this review.

How it works

Sign in through Facebook, the app automatically adds from the profile name, photos, and interests. Set the search parameters, such as gender, age, maximum distance to possible candidates. And start casting candidates. If you like the person in the photo, then you should swipe to the right, if you don’t like him, then swipe to the left. If the likes are the same, the app will immediately inform you about it, and you can start correspondence with this exact user.

You can connect your Instagram account. This is convenient, in a way, allows you to understand what the person is into, what he breathes. However, this option is not used by all users.

Limitations and disadvantages of the platform

If the person on the other end of the line is not interested in your profile you won’t be able to write to him. To some extent it saves privacy, communication takes place only with people you like, but on the other hand it can be perceived as a certain limitation in communication.

There is a daily limit of “likes” in the application. If you’ve used up your stock of likes, you can either wait for the next day or buy a Tinder Plus plan that removes your limits.

If you accidentally swipe to the left on the automatic mode, thus sending a user profile to the trash garbage can, you cannot get the action back for free.

The most serious disadvantage of this application is the inability to send photos to the interlocutor. You can only diversify communication with meaningless embedded gif animation.

Why do you need to pay?

Subscription to the previously voiced Tinder Plus costs not so much (if you purchase the subscription for six months). The paid package allows you to return the accidentally disliked person. In addition, you can remove the geographic limitation of 160 km and start looking for friends all over the world.


Of all the applications, the audience of Tinder is the most adequate and interesting. Here you can really start a close communication, find like-minded people for your project, a lover or just new friends.

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