Video ChatRoulette: Answers to the most popular questions

Video ChatRoulette allows you to make online dating in all corners of the world. The website is a completely anonymous platform for conversations with strangers. Search for participants is carried out randomly, hence the name ー roulette.

ChatRoulette is an interesting alternative to regular dating sites. There, you can find an interlocutor from the USA, Denmark, France, and other countries without leaving personal information.

Sometimes, users have questions about the work and privacy policy of the cam chat. You need to understand how the Internet platform functions and learn about the main features of the program.

  • Is it possible to talk in video ChatRoulette without registering?

Anonymity is the main feature of the media and social platform. Unlike Internet calling programs such as Skype, Hangouts, and many others, ChatRoulette does not require a personal profile.

  • Do I need a webcam for making acquaintances in ChatRoulette?

A VGA-camera is an important element for chatting. When choosing an interlocutor, many participants want to see the face of a user. But video content is not the only service of the random chat. Video ChatRoulette offers the opportunity to communicate through a simple messenger.

  • Why can’t people see your face in the video chat?

It is more probable that users will stop the roulette on you if you use a webcam, and they can see your face. What to do if your interlocutors see just a black screen?

Common reasons for why the video does not work:

  • Low speed of the Internet does not allow downloading video content;
  • A user did not provide access to the camera and microphone;
  • In case of a webcam malfunction;
  • If the VGA-camera is used by another application (for example, Skype).
  • What can I get banned from ChatRoulette for?

New dating is always an opportunity to get an interesting communication experience. But so that the conversation did not bring unpleasant surprises, the developers of the service created a blocking system for those users who violate the rules of the random chat.

For what actions can a user be banned?

  • If there are a virtual web camera and bypass protection of the service;
  • Several webcams can also become a reason to get banned;
  • If a user frequently send messages that contain advertising;
  • It is forbidden to insult other participants.

Often, to solve the problem, it is enough to change the ID of the webcam.

  • Does ChatRoulette work on my phone?

The service is fully available for mobile devices. No need to download the application, you just need to go to the site. It is free and anonymous.

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