How to understand that a woman has lost interest in you

It has always been hard for men to understand what a woman feels for them. After all, it is very easy to misidentify the signs sent by a woman. A common courtesy may seem like a call to action, even if the companion is not in love with you. However, a man may even “not understand” a girl who feels sympathy for him. Women are very good at hiding their love. But the beautiful sex can’t hide its indifference. To understand that the woman has lost interest in you, just read the article to the end.

Does not call and do not write

A woman in love is constantly trying to remind a man of herself. She often writes him a text, even if there is no reason for it. Such a companion tries to keep in touch with someone who is interesting to her. If a woman has fallen in love with you, she suddenly begins to disappear from your life. She no longer wants to give you even a small part of his time. This is the case when a woman just leaves without telling you a word. Therefore, such a sharp change in behavior clearly says only one thing: the feelings of your companion begin to leave.

She is flirting with others

The main rule of a disappointed woman that helps her cope with the negative is to find a man who is worthy of her attention. So now your companion will pay attention to other members of the stronger sex. She will not care how you feel about it. On the contrary: the more painful you are, the easier it will be for her. Such a woman will not be afraid to spin up a relationship, even with one of your friends or acquaintances. On the contrary: it will bring her pleasure. 

She burns the bridges

Men often think that they need to be afraid of a woman’s jealousy. This is not the case. A woman who feels nothing for you is the real evil in the flesh. It’s because she can easily burn all your photos together, forget the past together, and even the muscles will not shake on her face. If you start to notice this behind your companion, you should know that there is no turning back. You are unlikely to be able to regain her trust and love, because you mean nothing to her. She may never even look in your direction again. 

She makes fun of you

A woman in love simply does not notice any drawbacks in her “perfect” partner. She really believes that every word he says is true. Disappointed woman behaves differently. She clearly begins to see all the shortcomings of the man she was once interested in. Such a woman is not afraid to ridicule or make bad jokes about you even in a big company.

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