Are you Secure While Communicating on Video Chats?

When speaking about online communication, it is always necessary to remember that a certain level of insecurity is present. Online dating can’t be fully secure. Any kind of online communication is paired with certain risks. Here, we talk about dating on video chats. Is it secure? Let’s consider this question.

First of all, random chats are the most favorite place for all sorts of con men who are looking for naïve users – their victims. Each fraudster has his/her own techniques; thus, it is necessary to keep vigilance all the time while making new acquaintances in random video chats. Remember the following rules that will help prevent all sorts of abuse towards you and your relatives:

  • Do not use your real name or surname as a nickname. It is advisable to avoid specifying any personal information in nicknames.
  • Do not disclose all personal information from the first minutes of a conversation.
  • Keep vigilance. If an interlocutor tries to find out something too personal, do not skip this fact.
  • Do not give data of your passport, credit cards, or other documents.
  • Do not say an exact residence address.
  • Try to speak on neutral topics that will help know an interlocutor better. The most popular topics are hobbies, occupation, preferences, music, etc. Thus, choose the topics that do not contain private information.

If your interlocutor insists on private questions and seems too persistent, you should beware. The first communication in a random chat should be like at the stage of self-introduction and getting to know each other better.

Recently, many users tend to use video chats for online dating with foreigners in order to find a guide in a city they are going to visit. It is the most dangerous way of online dating. It is not recommended at all. If you still dare to visit an unknown city for the first time and meet your new acquaintance, go on a trip with a company, for example, a friend or relative. It is better to organize such trips as a group. Otherwise, you will be all alone in a new city with a mysterious unknown person. It is easy to get into a trap and become a victim of all sorts of crimes.

If you want to meet your online friend in real life, it is necessary to know him/her better and communicate for a long time. Do not be too careless as con men can be everywhere. They are waiting for naïve people who will believe them. Keep vigilance and be careful while making online dating in random video chats!

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